In the early days of blogs we began with a blog from the perspective of a LA show dog named Montebubbles. After Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005, we expanded to help the animals and realized how much of a difference we could make through sharing information. Our focus was forever changed. Soon afterwards we went to our first major show, CES, the Consumers Electronics show.

Montebubbles 2.0 is the chairdog and mascot. She is a constant reminder that similar to a puppy dog that has no politics, we were to seek the news without opinion but to share.

Today we Montebubbles and related entities have expanded into a multimedia entertainment company that creates both digital content and films. Our focus began with Arts, Entertainment and Technology and has expanded into Fashion, Automotive and now into the emerging markets of Blockchain and Cannabis.

For 3 consecutive years, we’ve had 3 projects per year in Cannes, a short, animation and documentary and have am in the Who’s Who List of Animation for Cannes for multiple years.

We produced content in VR (Virtual Reality) and began the 1st 3D daily and newscast, “Oldecam Comments on the Headlines of the Day” and were the world’s largest producer of 3D video content. We operate 14 different websites and operate multiple video channels, “The Travel Suite” daily entertainments show, 2 daily news shows, “Almost Live from the Pits” (automotive) and our truly green cooking show “Cooking with Notaspringchick” besides regular news coverage.

Besides VR and 4K content, we also produce content in 3D, 2D, live streaming video, photography and written content and are reproduced in over 50 different languages in more than 80 countries.

We produced the first livestreamed original full length feature musical for the internet.

We stopped looking when we discovered there were over hundreds of millions of links to MBN and Newsvideoweb produced content. Yes, that’s links to content, not views.

We have been in or contributed content including more than 14,000 videos (this was nearly a decade ago) plus Global Auto News, Celebrity Page, CNN, CSQ, Daily Motion, Deadline, The Downtowner, The Examiner, FilmMagic, Forbes magazine, The Georgetowner, Google, The Hollywood Moment, InStyle magazine, MSN, PR Photos, Sony Crackle, TV Guide, Veoh, Vimeo, Yahoo!, YouTube and WireImage. Additionally our content can be seen on Chromecast, Amazon fire tv, Apple tv, Xbox 360, Samsung tv, Samsung blu ray, Roku, Panasonic Viera tv and Phillips smart Led tv