This year, the Adtec Digital team will bring several new and proven solutions to NAB 2016. UHD contribution will be showcased along with DSNG, At Home Production, Low-delay IP trunking, DVB-CID, Zixi and the newest standard for Digital Video Broadcasting over Satellite (DVB-S2X). The EN-200 1080P AVC encoder,  EN-210 Multi-CODEC 10-bit encoder, the EN-31 AVC/MPEG2 encoder, the RD-71 10-bit 1080P IRD and the RD-30 SD/HD MPEG2/4 IRD will all be on the show floor.

Adtec solutions provide

  • Sixteen channels of audio encoding and decoding

  • Industry leading Interoperability

  • DVB-S2X, DVB-CID, Zixi

  • 4K UHD synchronous transmission

  • Interoperability with other IRD brands

  • Industry best easy-to-use interface

  • World class support

  • Best value in the industry

  • A pro-business attitude that’s essential to excel in today’s competitive and challenging economy

Showcasing our most advanced, Adtec Digital’s EN-210 supports 4:2:2, 10-bit encoding along with the CODEC flexibility, quality compression, interoperability, feature richness, performance and reliability synonymous with Adtec encoders. It’s robust option packages can include AVC & MPEG2 encoding, up to (16) channels of audio, DVBS/S2/S2X modulation with 10Mhz insertion and DVB-CID. Transport options include:  SMPTE 2022 FEC, RTP, UDP, RTMP and Zixi.