In January 2019, James Pratt was named as Australia’s top 5 under 35 for Entertainment. As the year comes to an end, it’s clear to see why he has more than lived up to this expectation. In April, he wrapped a starring role in On Halloween. The feature film is about to be released in America with enormous accolades about his acting performance. He also just wrapped a standout role in Network Ten’s anticipated pilot” Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians, and in September he was named Auctioneer of The Year at the REB Awards, Australia’s most prominent honor.

In addition to this, this James’s performance as host of the series Conversation Hollywood has been a big reason why the caliber of Hollywood guests including two-time academy award nominee Bruce Beresford is delighted to appear on the show.  

It was just announced that James will start work in December as the lead role in Malibu Crush, a comedic feature set in Australia and Los Angeles.

At what moment in your life did you know that you wanted to become an actor?

I had moments as a child whereby I loved acting, but I also really enjoyed playing sport and surfing, so it wasn’t until I graduated from high school that I decided to take acting seriously. The first step was studying at a drama school called NIDA. (National Institute of Dramatic Arts)

NIDA has a very distinguished reputation of being hard to get into and producing many of Hollywood biggest actors. Can you tell us who some of the previous actors are that have studied there?  And what you took away from training there?

There are some talented names that came from the school such as, Mel Gibson, Cate Blanchard, Sam Worthington, Toni Collette, Alex O’Loughlin, etc., The main thing I took away was being able to really learn about the art form of acting itself and having a structure when acting.

What would be your ideal role in a movie?

I am a huge fan of the Farrelly brother’s comedy style, something like Dumb and Dumber or Something About Mary would be an honor.

How should someone outside of the US prepare to pursue an acting career in LA or New York?

I think sometimes actors get negative advice from their agent or sphere of influence in their home country about what Hollywood or New York is really like.  I’m a big believer in taking a leap and really going for it. There is that saying “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  My other advice is, in preparing for Hollywood seek advice and ask questions from Hollywood agents, acting coaches, managers and casting agents who are based there. It’s much more accurate information getting this information directly from the source before you go.

You recently won the Australian Auctioneer of the Year at the REB Awards. How do you balance your acting and being the number one auctioneer in Australia

Acting and auctioneering are very similar, and it’s performing much like a play. I do have a busy calendar though. I am grateful I am in this position.

You were one of the hosts and also presenters on the red carpet in July for Italk Los Angeles, can you tell us more about this event.

I was honored to be asked, it was held at Frank Sinatra’s former house in Los Angeles, which was filled with history, and a true old Hollywood glamour feel so the atmosphere was very inspiring, I really liked what some of the speakers spoke about as well. Chanel Westcoast, Sean Stone, and Ali Levine spoke from the heart on how hard work and avoiding distractions is a key to making it in Hollywood.

You are one of the stars in, On Halloween coming up.  What is the premise of the film and how was shooting that?

Thestory revolves around an urban legend about a serial killing clown and what happens on Halloween. I play detective Ethan Rogers which was a lot of late nights shooting and very enjoyable experience.

If someone had only a weekend to spend in Los Angeles, what are the top five places they should visit?

Lakers game at the Staples Centre

Hike Runyon Canyon

Lunch at The Grove.

Dinner Crossroads in West Hollywood

Drinks at Sphere 73

Which actors do people often compare you to? 

It tends to be Owen Wilson or Edward Norton most often.

What are you looking forward to in 2020? 

I am very excited for 2020, in January we should be wrapped in the film Malibu Crush, as well I am involved in a new film studio called, Mogul Studios will be at Sundance. I also have been asked back as a speaker for the debut of Italk in New York, which will be a great event. In February, I start work on a new TV show, which is under wraps for now though.

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