The Talent Discovery Company Will Have a Video Booth Available

During Saturday’s Hollywood Event for Live Social Sharing

  • The Dance Free Movement is a social media call to action to prevent cyber bullying and to promote body positivity
  • The “FindDancingMan party and red carpet event will be held Saturday, May 23 at the Avalon Hollywood with guest of honor Sean (AKA The ‘Dancing Man’) and headliner Moby
  • bBooth is proud to be a sponsor, promoting video sharing of the cause during the event through one of its professional quality, video recording booths
  • bBooth, Inc. (OTCQB: BBTH), The Talent Discovery Company, today announces it is a proud sponsor of The Dance Free Movement, a viral social media campaign that promotes body positivity and anti-cyber bullying. 

    The #FindDancingMan dance party born of its like-named viral Twitter campaign will be held at the Avalon Hollywood, 1735 Vine St at 7pm.  The invite-only event will begin with a red carpet arrival and will feature celebrity appearances, including headliner Moby.

    As a sponsor of the movement, bBooth will be placing one of its professional quality, video recording booths at the event, for attendees to record their #dancefree moves and to encourage social sharing of their videos, for increased anti-bullying awareness.

    Sean the ‘Dancing Man’ became a social sensation earlier this year when a fellow club-goer made fun of Sean dancing, posting a cruel comment and picture.  Although the picture started from a place of Internet cruelty, it quickly changed into an uplifting movement, where a writer at The Free Thought Project  did a social search to find the ‘Dancing Man’, inviting him to LA for an epic dance party.  With the power of the Internet, celebrities like Moby and Pharrell and brands like bBooth offered their help and support.

    “We are honored to support the Dance Free Movement,” states Rory J. Cutaia, Founder and CEO of bBooth.  “As a company dedicated to promoting talent across social platforms, we are committed to making the Internet a better place for positivity and opportunity.  We are proud to be part of this epic social event.” 

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