Bitcoin Gold Launches November 12, 2017. (Photo courtesy of

Bitcoin crashes to a new low of $6737 with the announcement that Bitcoin Gold will officially be live this weekend and Bitcoin Classic closing.

In a blog post from Bitcoin Gold the start date is November 12, 2017 at 7 pm (19:00 UTC) or 11 am Pacific Standard Time with “blocks being minded openly by users and pools from around the world”.

The Bitcoin Gold hard fork occurred on October 25, 2017. A couple days prior David Farmer, Director of Comms announced on the Coinbase blog that they would not be supporting the Bitcoin Gold fork but were supporting Bitcoin Segwit2x.

Earlier this week, the Segwit2x hard fork slated for November 16, 2017 was suspended by and Bitcoin climbed to new highs of $7888 on November 8th.

Bitcoin Classic announced it’s closure on the Bitcoin Classic site by Tom Zander, release manager of Bitcoin Classic, “Bitcoin Classic was started in early 2016 with the clear intention of coming back to the coin that Satoshi indicated as his goal. Now this goal has been reached we will step down….And that means that Classic has fulfilled its promise. It is now up to you which chain will gain the most traction. It is now up to the next billion people to start to use Bitcoin Cash. In at most 6 months I’m sure we’ll just drop the “Cash” and call it “Bitcoin”. People that run Bitcoin Classic are urged to migrate to any of the alternative wallets or nodes. And I am serious about this because the recent versions of Bitcoin Classic will stop following the main chain in a matter of days or weeks. Please don’t get caught by surprise.”

With this latest news of Bitcoin Classic and Bitcoin Gold, I can only imagine what Roger Van “Bitcoin Jesus” revealed in last night’s meetup with Los Angeles Bitcoin.