In Beverly Hills and Hollywood, beauty secrets are often some of the best kept secrets as appearance is a key to success. We caught up with Christine Reed, our favorite celebrity beauty expert that was willing to share some insider’s tips but kept her A-list clients mum.
Christine Reed knew the next big thing was lash extensions.
After owning one of the first eyelash salons in Los Angeles “Christine Reed Lash Salons and Spa” she is now applying eyelash extensions among other high-end beauty services on site to the customer’s home.
“I’ve always wanted to make my customers happy and showing up to their home and they don’t have to drive saves a lot of stress.” said Christine Reed. She opened Platinum Image Services in January 2011 and loves giving the absolute best “red carpet” experience.
What’s your beauty secret?
Lashes. Seriously, that’s all I do. When I got it done the first time, I was like, “Oh my god” because I never liked wearing makeup, or putting anything on my face at all. When you have lashes on, it feels like you’re wearing makeup. When I don’t have them, I feel like I look sick or depressed or something. I’m so used to seeing myself wearing them.
What beauty trend do you hate?
When people overdo their lips, it looks really weird. Though I don’t see it so much here. People are more natural. Some (women) get their lips done all the time, and I’m like, “Your lips look like they’re about to explode!” But that’s what happens. You get used to (the look), and you want more. It’s hard to create a balance. They look too fake.
Let’s talk lashes. 
There are lots of looks. Some people really like a natural look, and some people want it to look fake. Sometimes it’s really hard to know because people will come in and say they want them to look long. But then they’re like, “They are way too long!” Well, you asked for long!
What are the different types of extensions?
There are different curls and thicknesses. There are really curly lashes, or more natural-looking. Thick ones, thin ones. It depends on the look you’re going for.
What material are these made of?
Most of them are synthetic, but there is one that is real mink hair. A lot of people say that they have it, but they really don’t. They’re so expensive to get. And the other thing that’s not good is that they’re using animals for that. Second, it doesn’t keep the curl. When they get wet, they get super straight and spiky and it doesn’t look good. I have a mink imitation at the studio, and it keeps the curl.