NAB, April 18 ~ 21st | Booth SL# 15413

New York, NY – April 7, 2016 – Cinedeck confirms that partnerships will be highlighted at NAB this year to illustrate the versatility of Cinedeck hardware platforms. Cinedeck’s diverse roster of clientele and production environments point to how multi-functional Cinedeck’s solutions are.
“We’re very excited to have both Light Iron and FNTECH in our booth this year to help show the different ways Cinedecks are used across the industry”, says Charles Dautermont, Cinedeck’s CTO.  “Both companies have created cutting edge workflows, leveraging the most advanced tools for a seamless production, from camera to post.”
While Cinedeck will focus on post-production applications using their line of hardware platforms, specifically File-based Insert Edit, Light Iron and FNTECH will demo a variety of capabilities including their cutting edge logging tools that are more than just a growing trend. As budgets continue to shrink, on‑set media management solutions have become an essential part of multi-cam production. They allow multi-channel automation and documentation of indispensable metadata for editors and post production while simultaneously providing creative and editorial control immediately instead of hours or days after shooting has finished.