While most people are talking about their Starbucks Rewards, I decided it was time to get healthy and instead opted for a membership in Pressed Juicery, so I could day by day focus on cold pressed juices which have been growing along with the publicity of their health benefits.

A continuously expanding consumer base along with rising spending on lifestyle products, growing health awareness, numerous health benefits offered by cold pressed juices, elevated disposable income of people, and a burgeoning population base are the prominent factors supporting the growth of the cold pressed juice market at a global level. The towering popularity of liquid cleanses combined with the rising obsession with being fit and slim also benefit the market.

Surging Health Awareness to Bring Lucrative Results

A Hike in Product Demand owing to Numerous Benefits

The demand for cold pressed juices has risen at an extraordinary rate as these contain a large number of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. The market is faring well around the world owing to the detoxifying and beauty benefits cold pressed juices offer to an individual. Need to have healthy and glowing skin, especially amongst the female population, is set to bode well with the growth of the market in the future. Apart from this, these types of juices are easily available, with various distribution channels selling these on a local basis. The prevailing belief that organic fruit juices help in the prevention of cancer, elimination of toxins and reduction in the intake of artificial food components are set to stimulate market growth even more.