By Jenna Lynn


Dawna Shuman at the Conscious Life Expo.

Rarely appearing on anyone’s daily to-do list, is the intention to “Love and forgive myself”.  Yet this is the core mantra of a multitude of courses offered at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.  Held annually for the past 15 years, CLE has established a home at the LAX Hilton, as the brainchild of executive producer Robert Quicksilver.

CLE brings “together people, ideas, products and possibility over a jam-packed 4 days to feast the mind and body, and to deepen our connection to spirit,” notes Quicksilver.  Brimming with diversity and palo santo, CLE features over 125 participants from all over the globe, who share their awakening stories, near death experiences, methods of overcoming of physical and emotional pain, as well as artistic and wholistic products to enrich our day to day lives.

While one may hold a mental image of attending “woo-woo” caricatures such as crystal and feather earth children, flowered Woodstock ex-hippies, zen yogis, chanting buddhists or clinical shrinks, CLE packs many keynote audiences to standing room only with people who come from all walks of life and parts of the world, and “dimensions.”  As someone who has (reluctantly) attended over the past seven years, not truly sure if I fit with or believed anyone here, I can now attest it feels like CLE has come full circle in whom it attracts, while the messaging of love and acceptance carries beyond the depths or stereotypes our minds might attach to “enlightenment”.

Joyce Chow, Gail Thackray, Bridgetta Tomarchio and Jenna Lynn at the Conscious Life Expo,

Indeed, a tattooed, “Game of Thrones” coiffed Adonis appeared on the elevator the first day.  This melting, intense-gazed gentleman in a “Spiritual Gangsta” t-shirt is attending CLE for the first time, as speaker/healer/teacher, Jerry Sargeant of “Star Magic”.  What is this magic?  I decided to find out for myself.  Not knowing there is a three year plethora of You Tube videos sharing his gift, his work became clear at the various panels and workshops Sargeant held at CLE.  He is intent upon universally channeling knowledge from his own awakening experiences- a far cry from his former daily life of criminal activity.

What happens at the Expo?  Throughout the expo, the resonance of those attending felt pleasantly overwhelming at times.  Given that recent personal experiences of mine include large, perpetual thorns, my set intention for CLE is to find people who possess authentic abilities to aggressively address and clear out any old, repeated or unwanted energy patterns.  And to do so in such a way that did “not incorporate remaining negative entities”, whom reportedly love to hang on to us with lowly, unloving thought patterns and messages if we do not fully clear them, offered Dr. Doug Lehrer.

The actual expo floor offers all kinds of goods and services, from furniture, yoga clothing and crystals, to legal CBD products (the non-psychoactive, pain killing component in hemp).   Mutiple forms of pyramids abound, as furniture, jewelry, desk ornaments and the like, all professing to clear negative ions from our surroundings, while directing “white light energy” into our being to protect and enlighten us, says Sargeant.  We successfully try some of the products for ourselves, especially the CBD and crystal bed mats.

Drums, flutes, and the aroma of spicy vegan food set the ambience for a second expo room full of authors, including astrologist Susan Miller, who is signing her 2017 calendar filled with upcoming astrological events.  The third expo area features an assortment of permaculture educators and cultivators, while offering panels on various subject matters with multiple speakers.

Mas Sajady at the Conscious Life Expo

We found Mas Sadjady on the main expo floor.  He is “an ordinary computer programmer who was gifted with extraordinary abilities after two near death experiences, Sadjady ‘s gifts stretch far beyond the physical. His (Itunes) program has helped countless individuals review core frequencies and come into 360° of Abundance in all areas of their lives… which Mas feels is everyone’s birthright.”

In Sadjady’s work, people “shift at a deep core level of issues to bring a sense of completeness in the fastest transformation,” he reveals.  “People come to me because they see tangible, physical results in the work I do.  It doesn’t have to take years and years, sometimes it only takes a few minutes.”

In his first near death experience Sadjady says he was gifted with seeing “who we are at a higher level.”  In the second round, he gained the “fantastic ability to help people transform” by “seeing or editing your life program and shifting this from the inside out,” as opposed to the way “motivational techniques or mantras do from the outside in.”

This can be done either at a distance or in person, via teachings of his “Exponential Intelligence”, or personal readings.  During our reading session, Sadjady worked on a relative of the subject.  There was no way he could have previously known what he discussed in the reading, but it was clear he could feel and work with the issues of the family through our team member.   Sadjady then pulls the stagnant energy out, filling this moment with a sense of proverbial joy.  The brief, hands on (translated) activation Sadjady earlier offered in the Latin Program workshop room procured some tears, and similar joyful emotions to the line of people who received it.

Keynote speaker, author David Wilcock, exuberantly spoke to a bursting room of all ages, conjuring up the scientific cosmic history discussion of Who We Are, What is in our Universe, and Who Else is out there.  While the discussion involved the origins of energy, possibilities in space travel, and how have we evolved, we navigated through the insider discussion of the Illuminati.  This pointed to the descendants of a multi-million year old race that originally colonized in our solar system.  Wilcock’s discussion lasted over three hours…much longer than the time permitted in the program.

Joyce Chow, Gail Thackray, Bridgetta Tomarchio and Jenna Lynn at the Conscious Life Expo

English born, Gail Thackray is a medium/spiritual educator whom an attending friend (we had not seen for some time) suggested we meet.  She previously sought out Thackray after annual bouts of injuries to her legs; then determined to end this pattern.  (She said this year, it was only a toe.)  Thackary has appeared on multiple television and radio programs, and guides tours to visit Brazilian “healer” John of God, and others.

“Helping people to find their life purpose and get in sync with their own path is what I truly love. I believe it is our purpose here in this physical existence to experience love and joy. There is a whole spiritual world, a whole magical energy around us that we can tap into and that we can work with to manifest our perfect life,” notes Thackray.  “As you become aware of this other world, you actually manifest a better life… I wasn’t always a medium. I used to think that mediums had to be born that way and were a little “off -kilter.  For me it didn’t happen until I was forty.”

Thackray proceeded to do personal readings for our team, focusing on different aspects of our lives.  While one of us magically tuned in to a lost pet spirit (who apparently came back in a new puppy!), the other focused on the repetition of grief patterns in various life areas, with the blessing of the ending of these issues, in the manifestation of relationship and abundance.   Thackray notes, “I want to teach others how to connect themselves and how to bring spiritual enlightenment into everything they do.”

Jerry Sargeant with Star Magic at the Conscious Life Expo

In workshops, Sargeant walks us through “universal Lyran coding” in an activation/meditation similar to his videos.   “I want you to feel your own light,” he implores.  While it may seem like a vague theme chant, Sargeant professes “Love is the answer, love is the question, love is the key, love is all there is…Go with love.”  Stating this directly to me, there is absolutely no doubt in the sincerity of this beautiful, uncomfortable embrace of positive energy that is difficult to decipher.

In the space of 45 minutes, a group of about 60 followed Sargeant’s meditation with visuals of imagery, geometry, light, color and space, with a syrupy softness as one would deliver to a child.  On completion, in the question/answer session with Sargeant, it was apparent many of us had emotional and physical experiences during the meditation.  Some of us had seen and felt things simultaneously, such as a gentle nudging, swaying or a vision of multiple orbs.  Many of us had tears.

Sargeant noted that we were not alone in the room.  We had been “joined by entities from all different dimensions”, time and space that had come to assist in applying the universal knowledge of geometry, codes to our spiritual beings having a human experience.  The room literally felt lighter and happier.

The awe in all of us continued with what ended up being a healing/activation applied by Sargeant.  Most of us remained in the room talking for the next 2.5 hours (including other attending healers), while he applied some form of physical energetic release for all who chose to receive it.  One by one, people approached, requested where to direct their healing, swayed, and often fell gently upon release, in Sargeant’s arms, to the floor.

Yes, I fell, quickly, and I had a physical, trembling reaction to the healing.  Pleasantly lurking roared an unfamiliar, intense feeling of love…for myself, and everyone in the room.  These were the final, cherished vibrations of my CLE 2017 experience.