Conscious Life Expo attendee enjoys chakra balancing device activation.

By Jenna Lynn


Daring to discuss and disclose controversial subjects such as non-medicinal healing, space and time travel, quantum physics evidence, alien visitation and extra-terrestrial intervention, the messaging of speakers and panels is concise and embracing at the 16th annual Conscious Life Expo, Los Angeles 2018.  Proof of truth, integrity and revelation in media, medicine, politics and leadership circulate into the teachings and discussion throughout the intense four day program of workshops and discussions with international participants.

Conscious LIfe Expo, (CLE), offers specific and unusual viewpoints of personal life experience in enlightenment and alternative spiritual practice.  The impassioned consistency amongst most speakers is an urgency of commitment to global and personal mindfulness and shift.

The attending community migrates through vending floors with enlightening and uplifting specialty marketing for cuisine, energetic healing, books, psychic readings, balancing devices, crystals, jewelry and couture.  Special interest workshops and panels are held throughout each day, offering both free and paid introductions to multiple conscious life modalities and discussions.

CLE Los Angeles 2018 weaves a graceful gathering of thousands following a “confident path of truth and self-belief, which the soul already knows and is remembering,” radiates first time attendee Kathrene (Kat) Doerschuk, Manager at Meals on Wheels.   She observes that CLE is populated with those “not on usual routes people take in life”, and filled with “people doing their (true) passion and purpose.”    Prior to attending CLE, Doerschuk had “listened to and researched odd subjects”, such as extraterrestrials, UFOs, light workers and healing, spiritual messengers and the like…intending a path of “follow through with intent after committing to sobriety.”  She found grounding in “getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, in meeting like minded people outside” of her daily group and life rituals.

A more skeptical first time CLE attendee, Daniel, said he was initially “embarrassed to be involved with some of the…theater”, but experienced an “interesting healing connection, good hearts, nice community sharing and good (grounded) people.”  Daniel is a self described “new age cult survivor” who disdains walking into an “ultra comic woo-woo” space, having “spent a lot of time (there) in the past, and it was a familiar space to revisit.”  Ultimately, he appreciated whom he chose to spend conversational time with and spent two full days at CLE and the post parties.

“I had no idea what to expect (of CLE),” muses Kristianne Sheier, of Huntington Beach, who works in conscious business marketing, is an intuitive healing practitioner and operates a coed women’s Goddess circle.  “In a matter of five minutes (after arriving), I had this realization of everyone being awake and not draining my energy.  My interest was to engage and expand.  I came home to like-minded people, where it was easy to talk to everyone, in wisdom, about out-there concepts, where (no judgement) was in question.”

CLE panels tackle all kinds of of difficult subject matters, which are commonly rejected in media and public discourse.  Many of these subjects, such as alien visitation and astral/time travel, have routinely and explicitly been allegedly refuted and debunked around the planet, offering sparse government and military operation explanations.  CLE speakers such as “Cosmic Disclosure” host David Wilcock, “The Divine Blueprint” author Robert Perala, space technology expert David Adair, SSP (Secret Space Program) whistleblower/Gaia web network host Corey Goode and quantum physicist Nassim Haramein strive to otherwise disclose why these limited blanket coverups are incongruent and ill-fated lies to a sea of attentive souls who are open to deeper possibilities.  Most of these discussions are live streamed around the globe.

Workshops herald a multitude of gifted individuals demonstrating various forms of “activation” and self-realization.   Many of the the workshop speakers describe their personal life and life-altering experiences, which catapulted many of them as energetically super-charged, unique individuals on a spirit guided journey of awareness, guidance, meditation and healing.

Energetic healer activations varied from Mas Sadjady’s reiki as a physical and spiritual energetic transmitter, Jerry Sargeant’s light language transmission codes, Kimberly Meredith’s laying of healing hands, ancient aboriginal practices, Sifu Matthew’s injury whispering, and device induced light energy transmission.  The underlying common description in each healing method is a transference of divine, universal energy delivered via the conduit of each individual or material through their intrinsic connection to spirit.

In observation and first hand experience of many of these gifted individuals, it is clear to see in their high-vibrational live demonstrations and discussions that there are truly some emotional and physical breakthroughs experienced by CLE attendees in an authentic healer’s presence.  Consistently explained, while it may take some time to process through emotional issues, many manifestations of these reside in the body after years (or lifetimes) of dissolution.  This presents as dis-“ease”.  Evolved human healers and “conscious” doctors are now more abundant to assist in cosmically transmuting compromising energies to facilitate human transcendence and evolution.

“Humanity’s cosmic family assist(s) them in healing and guiding them through management of their own genetic and spiritual growth,” asserts Goode, on the matter of alien intervention and alliance.   Goode shares his experience with MILAB, (MILAB is a term coined for the military abduction of a person that indoctrinates and trains them for any number of military black ops programs),  and continuing SSP Alliance, as a representative to “humanity, (who) is (now) free, and in charge of our own destiny.”

It is our job as souls, in a human experience, is to face our darkness and fears, in order to grasp our inevitable evolution towards a fifth density reality shift.  This evolutionary shift, in the present, is explained as the ultimate turning point of life as we now know it.  This will ultimately cause our systematic, ego/fear based, third dimensional life to soon cease as our practiced physical embodiment on Earth.  In the CLE community, this shift is widely understood as an elevated, celebrated prophecy, as roughly described in the Bible.

Included in the CLE media discussion panel are various viewpoints from representatives.  “If there is a passion in you, and it’s an expression of truth for you, it’s protected by intention and doors open for you.”  The panel all agrees to living an intentional life.  Claim and take your own power back, as “greed can be (easily) applied in so many situations.”  “Chaos is the new norm,” states mediator Kelly Gallagher.  Let’s “move into a conversation of how to deal with it.”

Relating to science and galactic law, astrologist Susan Miller explains why planet alignment affects us all in a uniquely individual and universal manner.  Quantum physicist Nassim Haramein explores the connections between advanced physics and ancient, distant galactic civilizations.  Theoretically arriving on Earth, aliens “came at a time where we were not yet discovered,” states ET messenger Perala.  “Time travel is alien to 3D existence.”   He said “pyramids are (physical proof as) ascension instruments…(which are) resonance urns (utilized) as machines,” executing the means of multi-dimensional travel.

Gaia web channel host, Wilcock concluded, ending a three hour CLE discourse with Goode on alien interaction, that as sci-fi and odd as all this may appear, humans must just focus and “be kind” to one another, and value all beings on this planet.  This, as the truest form of human transcendence, congruent to universal harmony, is respectfully, our purest form: love.