To achieve the holy grail of the democratic party they are now confident enough it will happen that they are now letting everyone know you will still get killed by terrorism but just now not with guns.

Rather then go after the root cause of the killings they are now willing to accept that X amount of people will die and be seriously injured by attacks.

They feel as long as it is not done with guns the American people will simply accept the losses because the gun problem will be eliminated.

They are actually using death and injury totals of non killing by guns from countries that have weapons bands as a selling point for the end of the second amendment.

What type of person says your still going to get killed or hurt just not as many of you now because of our ban.

They have managed to leave out the minor fact that the bad guys still manage to get guns to kill with even in country’s that ban them.

If your willing to accept acceptable loses to rid the nation of the 2nd amendment then that your right. But you have no right to endanger others as a result of your search for your holy grail.