Editorial on PC

You wonder why the film and TV business way off anymore then you read what is in the pipeline for in development films and TV .

Rapper to play Frank Sinatra, Black and gay Muslim dancer to play John Wayne, Black Muslim to play Ronald Regan, female Latino to play George Washington, woman to play FDR and pc on and on an on.

They have had the Sinatra and Wayne projects in development for years and gotten nowhere but today we are all about pc and all of the above are coming sooner then later and no one outside the left in the USA will go to anyone to of them.

You realize how little people know about people from history is best shown in the fact that Hamilton is still on the bill because the president actually thought Hamilton was a Latin and not white. That’s because of the stage show done about Hamilton.

Today because of PC ignorance is the rule not the exception for not knowing.

Wilhelm Von Hohenzollern

All Words Do Matter

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