The last of FOUR 2015 NASCAR track Championships will be decided this Saturday night, October 17, at Irwindale Speedway when the Mini-Stocks, INEX Legend Cars, Pick Your Part Super Stocks, and Irwindale Race Trucks all take the starter’s with this year’s title(s) on the line. 

In each division the points difference between first and second is less than 30 points (and for this “double points finale” there’s one hundred points for what will be the final win in each class)*

ONE: Starting with the division with the “biggest” and “baddest” points lead (the Pick Your Part Super Stocks … a scant 28 points after eight races!) #27 Zack Green from Long Beach has the lead with #66 Gary Frankovich (Apple Valley)only10 points behind.  Making things “interesting” we see Covina’s own #01 Greg Crutcher only 10 points back in third.

Please add this phrase to the end of the above paragraph and to the next three in line as well:  “…So, as you can see, anything can happen in this one.” Thank You.

TWO: Rookie Reily Herbst (#19 Las Vegas) has a thin 18-point advantage over #78 Lucas McNeil from Saugus … 400 to 382 after nine races in the track’s 10- race Irwindale Race Truck series.  Here third place is even closer with Lawndale’s #40 Ken Michaelian gridding up only 2 points behind McNeil. (add above line)

Close? Right!… But, hey, how about only having a 10 point lead going in on Saturday night?  That’s the formula for both the Mini-Stocks and the Legend Cars 2015 championships.  Ten skinny points between first and second and mathematical possibilities down the points column that would flat out fry a cheap calculator from the $-store. 

THREE: #86 Ryan Bragdon from Beaumont has that slim 10 point lead over #43 Aubree Porter from LaVerne (236 to 226) in the Mini Stocks but both of them are far from “safe” with #21 Garrett Green (Long Beach) and #24 Robby Harryman in third and forth places with 214 and 212 points respectively. (+ line)

FOUR: And the INEX Legends Cars have exactly the same number of points between first place #29 Chad Schug from Oak Hills and second #33 Darren Amidon from Lakeside (10!).  Again, that’s after a full season of eight races with this one last one to go to determine the whole season. (one last time)

So … the stage is set from some memorable NASCAR chasing and racing on Saturday night with the above five races for the 2015 crown … And we’ll also have a visit from the always exciting touring pros of the Pick Your Part Southwest Tour Trucks as well!  All in all an action-packed southern California family fun evening.

This will be a wonderful night for fans and friends to attend the final NASCAR On-Track Autograph Session of the 2015 season.

The track’s fan gates open at 4 p.m. and at 5:45 p.m. everyone in attendance is invited right down onto the track to meet the drivers, check out their racing rides, to wish them well for the night’s race, and thank them for a great season of close racing that comes right down to the wire on Saturday night.  The special on-track session is always a wonderful experience for everyone involved and is always included in the price of admission.

Anything can happen … and most likely will … Saturday!

Irwindale always represents the very finest in NASCAR Whelen All-American Series racing …

Weekly short track action is the true heart of NASCAR competition and the place where many of the best and brightest stars of stock car racing learned their trade.

Discount tickets for the whole family for Saturday night are available right now

(and 24/7 up until Friday midnight)


*In the case of the Mini-Stocks, they’ll be “doing the double” for the first time in recent memory, running “twin” races on Saturday night that will pay 50 and 100 points respectively.

NOTE: All of the above 2015 championship point information is available on the track’s website. There fans can see and note all of the wide range of possible permutations as noted above (and more) while checking out where their favorites are in the 2015 points chase.