. The adjustable car seat technology features four customizable seat settings and provides the ultimate solution for commercial and personal transportation. Infants in carriers are safely secured in a rear-facing position that is cradled by the seat while growing children typically in need of booster car seats can achieve the required height by law with one of the provided settings. When no children are present, the default seat setting remains comfortable for adults.
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The adjustable car seat technology was conceptualized through a real-life scenario when Barb Ascher, company co-owner, provided daily transportation to her grandchildren over a five year period.  In the beginning, Barb transported a three-year-old and two newborns. Over time, the children grew and another grandchild was born.  “Depending on the grandchild that I was transporting, the shifting and reconfiguration of the different required car seats was frequent. I found myself thinking that there had to be a better and more convenient way to accommodate the transportation of children who are in varying stages of growth,” said Ascher.
Debuting at the 2015 LA Auto Show, the seat technology was met with enthusiasm and positive feedback from parents, automotive industry media and members of safety organizations.  The adjustable car seat solves one very important issue while providing a convenience factor for parents. “There is an overwhelmingly staggering statistic of children and car seats being secured improperly in vehicles,” said company co-owner Lenard Ascher. “Our seat technology favorably ensures that car seats and children at all ages are properly secured.”
Families with children also face the need to purchase several different car seats. With the FOUR-EVER IN MOTION car seat technology, children who no longer are required to be transported in an infant carrier will be able to meet the seat law standards through one of the available seat settings.
The adjustable car seat technology is fitting for several types of transportation:
For Car Manufacturers – The seat technology can be an optional upgrade with the control settings available on the dashboard display screen where other vehicle controls are typically managed. 
For Airplanes – The adjustable seat is now an added value of consideration for parents who purchase a separate seat for their child. Currently, many parents forgo the added cost for a regular non-conforming seat and opt to have the child sit on their lap for the duration of the flight which has no safety value – especially during moments of turbulence where the child has a significantly increased risk of injury.
For Medical, Fire and Rescue – As first responders to accident scenes, fire or emergency rescues, medical teams transporting children as passengers accompanying the injured can also be properly seated. The adjustable car seat technology allows one seat to accommodate children of any age – making it a safe and convenient one-seat fits all solution.
For Temporary Transportation – For rental car agencies and taxi cabs who transport visitors, the added safety of the car seat technology eliminates the need to rent or carry infant or booster seats for children.
For Trains – The car seat technology can be integrated into particular sections of a train for families with children.

FOUR-EVER IN MOTION is a Southern California company owned by Lenard and Barb Ascher. The infant to adult adjustable car seat technology is protected under Patent US8807650B2 by the Aschers. For more information on the company, visit foureverinmotion.com.