Carpyz Propellers Designed to Allow Traditional Vehicles to Fly!

Issy, France. January 8, 2016 – With automotive technology innovation one of the most prevalent elements at CES 2016, it’s little wonder that smaller supporting companies – especially startups – are making their mark with groundbreaking products at CES.

One such company is Carpyz, from Issy, France.

Located at Booth #80837 in the Eureka Park Marketplace in the Sands Expo Center, Carpyz is developing a propeller designed to lift vehicles vertically off the ground while also allowing them to power amphibious vehicles on the water.

“If you put four one-meter diameter propellers in every corner of a vehicle cabin, it becomes possible to lift up to 6,500 pounds and ensure the vertical aerial take-off of a traditional vehicle,” said Carpyz CEO Pierre Carrouset.  “Then, by placing the propellers horizontally and spreading the hidden wings, it is absolutely possible for the vehicle to travel like a prop-driven airplane.” A fluid-based mechanics, engineering and design firm, Carpyz’s three product lines include:

  • The propeller, fueled by energetic fluids such as compressed air, propane, traditional gasoline and hydrogen;

  • A proprietary high-yield wind turbine with a robust “honeycomb” construction that enables the pressure differential between the front and the back of the turbine to increase efficiency; and 
  • A rounded industrial manufacturing fabrication machine that enables the faster production of circular parts with varying dimensions in 3D by solidifying layer by layer.

“Our products are incredibly innovative – even game changing – by all international standards,” said Carrouset.

The patent protected products are now available for industrial integration and installation.