Future of Play, Inc. is thrilled to debut MagicMeeMees™, fantastic and “magical” collectible figures, each with their own shining and colorful personality. What makes MagicMeeMees so amazing is their built-in technology, which brings each of them to life with motion and light, and allows kids to interact with other MagicMeeMees. There are 24 Season One MagicMeeMees characters to collect, 8 available now as single packs, and 4 more which come exclusively with the first 4 playset lands of MeeMeeopolis. In addition, 26 different blind bag food items called Yummee Surprises, including 2 rare ones, are available to feed your new friends!

“MagicMeeMees are one of the cleverest new collectibles we have seen this year! Packed with cool, fun features we feel they will be a hot toy line for the upcoming holiday season,” said Melissa Hunter, Founder and CEO of Family Video Network and co-host of the Mommy and Gracie Show on You Tube.

MAGICMEEMEES is a new toy brand which incorporates Fantasy, Feelings, Food, & FUN. They inspire storytelling, teach cause and effect, encourage emotional intelligence, and allow for individual or group play. In addition, by adding the interactive technology, it spins the traditional collectable into a unique frenzy. Boys and girls will be captivated with these charming characters, colorful lands, funky foods, and an exciting new world to play in!

Age 4+

MSRPs: MagicMeeMee Singles $7.99ea Playsets (w/exclusive character) $14.99ea Yummee Surprises blind bags $2.99ea

In keeping with the rich tradition of Southern California-based innovative toy companies, Future of Play Inc., is an exciting new company seeking to upend the industry with its acclaimed toy masters, along with an unconventional take on how toys are imagined, storied and designed.  For more information please visit www.futureofplay.com

WEBSITE: http://futureofplay.com/magicmeemees/