ICON Home brings the smart home vision to life by adding doctors
on-demand service KallDoc

LAS VEGAS, NV – Jan 6, 2016 – At CES 2016 today, ICON Smartech and KallDoc announced the addition of KallDoc, the premier doctor on-demand service to the ICON Home panel.
With the addition of KallDoc, ICON Home extends its functionality beyond managing temperature and providing important information.
ICON Home now offers families critical health services at the tip of a finger.
Through KallDoc, ICON Home allows users to directly connect with their doctors via a video call or a doctor to your door service.
Mark Baker, founder and president of KallDoc says, “We are extremely excited about working with ICON Smartech. Via the ICON Home platform families can now directly use KallDoc and access our premier doctors-on-demand services, providing them medical help at home or via our telemedicine services”.
Kevin Gao, founder and CEO of ICON Smartech, added: “Our vision has always been to be the connecting hub in your Smart Home. First, we replaced the thermostat with ICON Home. Now, by partnering with KallDoc we are offering a service that ensures patients receive the best doctors when they need it, easily, and in the quickest time frame.”
ICON Smartech is a tech start up out of the valley and makes ICON Home.  ICON Home is the first smart home touch screen that replaces your thermostat and transforms your home into a smart home.
KallDoc provides consumers on-demand access to doctors of their choice in the privacy of their home in the office. It saves patients from hours in germ-filled waiting room, minimizes time off work and reduces lost employee hours as a result of seeking medical attention. KallDoc services can be accessed via iOS and Android apps as well as via the company website.