48 Go Green

48 Go Green

Beverly Hills,CA-April 20,2013-An air of excitement filled the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science’s building at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. The leading international film festival presented by 48 Go Green hosted their 3rd Annual Eco Film Competition featuring 15 of the best environmental short films produced worldwide. The contest entailed a 48-hour time period to express cinematography around the central theme of being environmentally conscious while producing a original script writing, directing, processing, sound editing and contain a one line dialogue.

48 Go Green Founders Francesco Vitali and Christos Siametis created the eco-friendly movement as a result of a pilot project in Athens inspiring them to annually host a competition. Since 2010, 48 Go Green has extended the invitation to eager filmmakers to join the contest and submit quality films to win the opportunity to universally showcase their productions. Submissions came in from countries all around the world like Canada, Finland, China and the Netherlands to name a few. Participants came from more than 130 cities all over the world from London to Vietnam and from Paris to New York.

The screening previewed the exclusive 15 winners as they debuted their films to top industry professionals, aspiring young filmmakers, international representatives and guests inside the Academy’s theater. Among the winners of the competition were A Place to Love by Baco-Go, Disconnected by Batteries Not Included, Hanae by Wake Up, Overflow by Control Alt Delete, The architect of life by Oogsnoep, Vlees by Roobiosch and Hagendoorn, Fragile Creatures by Contagious Media Production,Lifeline Heist by Mad’World Laboratories, Nobody’s Going to Get Saved by Cine Eur, Project Destiny by Jo-Jo the Dog Films, We Are Natural Superheroes by Teodoro Potente , Dead Zone by Patheon, New Mans World by Medea Electronique and The Other Half by Best Friends.

The grand prize went to winner Shant Dolbakian for his film Happy Days.The production received $10,000 in cash and prizes and Dolbakian is awarded with the privilege to tour with 48 Go Green internationally as they support and promote his success worldwide. The continued success of this annual leading film competition is ongoing and registration is now open for this year. Participants can register at www.48gogreen.com.




Happy Days Canada
The Other Half United States
We Are Natural Superheroes Argentina
A Place to Love Italy
Dead Zone United Kingdom
Disconnected United States
Fragile Creatures United States
Hanae France
Lifeline Heist Greece
New Mans World Greece
Nobody’s Going to Get Saved Italy
Overflow United States
Project Destiny Finland
The Architect of Life Belgium
Vlees Netherlands