The second night of Style Fashion Week Los Angeles drew a crowd, as international designers swarmed the runway. Kicking off the night were the designs of Natalia Garcia’s KK Swimwear, whose collection drew inspiration from the French designers and glamour queens of the mid 1900’s. The swimwear collection, dawning many styles, was ornamented in pink and polka dots. Following KK Swimwear was Michelle Ann, who fearlessly made her way to Los Angeles to showcase her designs after facing the devastation of hurricane Maria in her home of Puerto Rico. Her collection was inspired by the elegance and beauty of Castle Santa Catalina in Puerto Rico—but what was truly inspiring was her perseverance and grace in the times of hardship. Closing the first segment of shows were the couture childrens’ designs of Ydamys Simo. While Simo’s infinite inspiration is her daughter, Ynairaly Simo, last night’s collection was inspired by the gardens and flowers that transmit the beauty of the spring and summer seasons.

Attendees were treated to incredible live performances. STASH performed her hit song Blackjack Cabana, followed by Arielle, Bangz and China Doll. Invitees celebrated, popping bottles of Notorious Pink Rosé throughout the night.

Guests watched as art came to life; models donning the works of John Paul Fauves intermingled amongst the crowd. Unforgettable surprise art installations by the Popovy Sisters could be found in the expansive art marketplace.

On the red carpet, seated front row and mingling in exclusive VIP decks, attendees could find Lord Presley, James Maslow, Johannes Bartl, Charisse Mills, AzMarie Livingston and Colin Egglesfield amongst many other celebrities.

Moods of Norway opened the second set of runway shows—James Maslow amongst other celebrities seated in the front row. The show drew appropriately drew inspiration from the film Friday the 13th.  Moods of Norway’s polished collection was followed by the incredible works of Project Runway All Star’s Sonjia Williams. Closing the night was Mario De La Torre, whose models gracefully floated down the runway in all white. Mario based his most recent designs on love, light and the City of Los Angeles. Day two of Style Fashion Week Los Angeles set the tone for an incredible upcoming weekend of events.