11 Eclectic International shorts, Including stand outs such as 2015 Sundance and SXSW winner ‘WORLD OF TOMORROW’ by Don Hertzfeldt, and recipient of 40 festival awards, WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THE COSMOS by Konstantin Bronzit. 

We are pleased to announce the first ever theatrical release of THE 17th ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS.  This spectacular program was a hit this past opening weekend in Los Angeles and will be hitting the road across the country at the following cities and cinemas:

10/2-10/8- The Frida Cinema, Santa Ana, CA

10/2- 10/4 Cape Ann Cinema, Gloucester, MA

10/5- SPECTRUM 8, Albany, NY

10/9- 10/15- Vogue Theater, San Francisco, CA

10/16- 10/22- Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL

10/16- 10/22 Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh, PA

10/23- 10/30  AFI Silver Theater, Silver Spring, MD

10/30- 11/5SIFF Egyptian, Seattle, WA

10/30- 11/5 The Lark Theater, Larkspur, CA

11/1- Rio Theater, Vancouver, BC

11/13- 11/19 Cinema 21, Portland, OR

11/13- 11/19 Bijou Twin, Eugene, OR

11/20- 11/26- The Loft Cinema, Tuscon, AZ

11/27- 12/3- Denver Film Society/ SIE Film Center, Denver, CO

11/28- Strand Theatre, Rockland, ME


This exciting feature length program features eleven short animated films curated by veteran animation producer Ron Diamond.  For over sixteen years, Ron has handpicked unique, innovative, animated films from around the globe and presented them around the country exclusively to studios, societies, schools and festivals.  Twenty-nine of the films showcased in previous Animation Show of Shows to receive Academy Award® nominations with nine films winning an Oscar®. 

We invite your coverage for feature, review or calendar mentions.  Please contact for a screener link or additional information.  Curator Ron Diamond will be touring with the program and is available for interviews in person, phone or skype.



For 16 years, The Animation Show of Shows has been created curated and presented by Ron Diamond to introduce new and innovative short films exclusively for animation studios, societies, schools, and festivals around the world.  Each year over 3,000 animated shorts are created, some of which take years to complete, but only a handful are seen outside the inner circles of the animation community.   The Animation Show of Shows is Ron’s vision to heighten the exposure for this extraordinary art form and entertainment platform and to allow international audiences to experience these in a theatrical environment with other peers that share the same passion for animation.

In THE 17TH ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS these beautifully crafted, unique films are also paired with documentary portraits featuring four of the directors as they shed light on the motivation, process and experiences that lead to the making of their films. 

The techniques of these innovative films range from hand-drawn, paint on glass and stop-motion, to the latest computer-generated imagery, with its ability to conjure entire worlds with astonishing verisimilitude. Together these films capture, in the words of Andrew Stanton, director of Finding Nemo, “ all the wit, cleverness, integrity, warmth and humor that humanity is capable of,” and have a universal appeal that makes them ideal for sharing with family and friends.

THE 17th ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS will be distributed theatrically this fall across the US and will feature the current top animated shorts from around the globe.  This extraordinary program of 11 films is created by animators from Australia, France, Ireland, the US, Russia, Switzerland, and Iran, with 7 films with women directors or co-directors, and many of which have garnered awards from distinguished festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, SXSW, Berlinale.  This will be the first theatrical release of this annual program, finally sharing these animation talents with a wider audience.

Acme Filmworks Presents THE 17TH ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS features the following films:

  • THE STORY OF PERCIVAL PILTS, created by Janette Goodey & John Lewis, Australia
  • TANT DE FORETS, created by Geoffrey Godet & Burcu Sankur, France
  • SNOWFALL, directed by Conor Whelan, Ireland
  • BALLAD OF HOLLAND ISLAND HO– USE, created by Lynn Tomlinson, USA
  • BEHIND THE TREES, created by Amanda Palmer and Avi Ofer, USA
  • WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THE COSMOS,  created by Konstantin Bronzit, Russia
  • MESSAGES DANS L’AIR, created by Isabel Favez, France/Switzerland
  • STRIPY, Written and directed by Babak Nekooei & Behnoud Nekooei, Iran
  • ASCENSION written and directed by Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Colin Laubry, Florian Vecchione, France
  • LOVE IN THE TIME OF MARCH MADNESS,  directed by Melissa Johnson and Robertino Zambrano, USA
  • WORLD OF TOMORROW, directed by Don Hertzfeldt, USA

The Animation Show of Shows, Inc. is an IRS registered 501(c)3 non profit created for the expressed purpose of expanding awareness of exemplary animated Short Films and Animated Short Film restoration and preservation. This program is being distributed exclusively by The Animation Show of Shows, Inc. a non-profit group.  Earnings from the distribution of the Animation Show of Shows will be used for the sustainability of the mission and compensate the participating animators/rights holders. More information is available at:

The Story of Percival Pilts
created by Janette Goodey & John Lewis, Australia, NZ
A whimsical story about living an impractical life based on a childhood promise.  While playing on stilts as a child, Percival Pilts declares that he’ll ‘never again let his feet touch the ground!’ He stays true to his word and compelled ever higher, he builds his stilts so tall that he no longer fits into normal society.

Tant de Forets

Created by Geoffrey Godet & Burcu Sankur, France
Based on the poetry of Jacques Prévert and originally part of the “En sortant de l’ecole” series, the “Tant de Forets” (So Many Forests) poem denounces the destruction of forests to make paper pulp, but paper is used to alert people about the threats of deforestation.

directed by Conor Whelan, Ireland
An anxious young man who has a moving experience at a friend’s house party.  A story of fleeting love, of mixed emotions, and of how we interact with each other.

The Ballad of Holland Island House
created by Lynn Tomlinson, USA

Animated clay paintings tell the true story of the last house on a sinking island in the Chesapeake Bay, a large and important estuary and waterway in Maryland, on the East Coast of the United States. In an Old-Time Music ballad, the house sings of its life and the creatures it has sheltered during its lifetime journey from tree, to timber, to home, to an ultimate return to nature. It contemplates time, environmental change, and the rise of the seas.

Behind the Trees
created by Amanda Palmer and Avi Ofer, US
An imaginative animated short created from a found voice memo, “Behind the Trees” features Amanda Palmer’s reflections on the curious things her husband- Neil Gaiman- mutters while he sleeps.

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos
created by Konstantin Bronzit, Russia
Lifelong friends and fellow Russian cosmonauts work together to reach the ultimate goal of visiting space.

Messages Dans L’Air
Created by Isabel Favez, France/Switzerland
A universe made completely of paper is the starting point of this love story, as past, present and future events emerge from the folds in the paper. A young woman discovers a message of love enclosed in a folded paper bird. She then witnesses the tragic fate of her admirer‘s goldfish.  What can she do? 
This riveting love story is told through the medium of line drawings.

Written and Directed by Babak Nekooei & Behnoud Nekooei, Iran
At a massive factory, the workers have all been given one simple instruction: paint stripes on the boxes. The work is getting done in the usual, monotonous way… that is until one of the workers decides to paint his boxes a little differently.

Written and directed by Colin Laubry, Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Florian Vecchione, France
In the early years of the 20th century, two climbers make the traditional ascent, carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary to the top of the mountain. Their trip does not go according to plan.

Love in the Time of March Madness
directed by Melissa Johnson, and Robertino Zambrano, US
Melissa Johnson hit 6’4’’ tall in 8th grade. Although this made her an instant basketball star, “Love in the Time of March Madness” follows her hilarious and awkward misadventures in romance as she dates shorter men and gets cheered or jeered wherever she goes.  Blazing with honesty and dark humor, this animated “tall short” is a true story about embracing difference that is certain to disarm and delight.

World of Tomorrow
by Don Hertzfeldt
A little girl is taken on a mind-bending tour of her distant future..