“My Forelove” by director Mor Dovrat will be at the Festival de Cannes 2016 from May 11-22 at the Short Film Corner. We were able to ask Mor Dovrat a few questions about her latest project.

MBN/TTS: Can you tell be about your movie “My Forelove”

MD: “My Forelove” is of course about love. It is an updated version of the “boy meets girl” story and told from the point of view of the post-queer generation. The film presents two characters that live in Berlin and meet occasionally for sex, but in fact they do not know any thing about the lives of the other. The most curios thing about them is that even though they are sex partners, they don’t know each-others’ sexual habits.

MBN/TTS: What do you mean by post-queer generation?

MD: This is a good question. I will try to be careful with my answer, because I made up this term to describe the world that is around me.

I feel like the 80’s all the way until the early 2000, was the dawn of the queer generation. Gender and sexual preferences were in the headlines. Of course that in most of the world it is still an issue to discuss. But I feel like that in Berlin of today there is not so much a need anymore to chew up this topic, because somehow it became a norm to be queer. Nobody cares who you sleep with. The need for self definition has melted away. This is one of the themes I deal with in the film.

MBN/TTS: What inspired you to do this movie?

MD: In the time I was living in Berlin I was exposed to so many different life-styles and especially sexual life-styles. The freedom that this city offers is mind blowing. Generally in my work I deal with the paradox of freedom and its price. In this film it is channeled through sexuality.

MBN/TTS: What do you hope to achieve through your film?

MD: Well, I have two main reasons and another silly one for creating this film.

My first reason is of course treating the theme of the movie. To share with the world my point of view on the theme. Without that there isn’t any sense in telling a story.

The second reason for making “My Forelove” is in deed to step in the filmmaking industry.

I have written a screenplay for a feature film that I plan to direct, but I must get some experience first. My Theatrical experience helps me a lot in transposing a story and guiding the cast. But there is a whole technical aspect around filmmaking that is new to me. Making “My Forelove” was a great lesson. I made so many mistakes during the production, and therefore, learned so much. I still have a lot to learn, but the best way to learn is by doing.

Another reason (that might sound a bit silly) is to share with the world how Luigi, the main protagonist, makes gnocchi. Since years I’ve been watching him preparing with his hands from scratch the most wonderful gnocchi, just like his grandmother taught him. When I watch it, I feel like I am witnessing great art in the making. I wanted to put that on film since the first time I saw it.”

MBN/TTS: Have you been to Cannes before?

MD: It is my first time in Cannes and I am very honored to present my debut film as a director. I have no idea what to expect, so in the meantime I try to stay focus, positive and to enjoy the opportunity.

MBN/TTS: Tell me something about yourself

MD: I am originally from Israel. I left the country about 6 years ago. I spent some years in Berlin, and now I am starting a family in Switzerland. I am a story teller. My experience and education is mainly from the world of Theater. But I used to act in films as well. For me the advantage of theater is that I write and play my own material. As an actress in cinema it is much more rare. This is why I experimented now with film directing. I always try to expand my abilities.

It’s funny because when I do theater I miss doing film, and when I am doing film I miss the theater. I guess that’s life.

MBN/TTS: Tell us something else about the movie that no one else knows but you

MD: Both of the protagonists of the film are good friends of mine. I know a lot about their lives and their secrets. In the creation of the film we used a lot of material from their lives and mine as well. I actually remixed all of our secrets into a new story.

MBN/TTS: Where can people find out more info?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MYFORELOVE/
My website: http://mordovrat.wix.com/givememor