Arguably one of the most famous generations of the popular Nova, this radically new body design held on to its popularity despite being plagued by the era’s oil crisis.  Novas that have made it through to modern times have also been plagued…by worn out suspensions!  Bring your X-body into the 21st century with Delrin bushings, composite leafs, and more in this incredible new suspension solution…the RideTech StreetGRIP!
Today’s discerning hotrodder wants to enjoy driving their older musclecar as much as they enjoy driving their new Camaro. You want ride quality. You want handling performance. You DO NOT want to spend weeks or thousands of dollars to accomplish this.
RideTech feels the same way! That is why the StreetGRIP suspension system was created.
The virtues of a quality RideTech suspension system have been well-documented on highways and race tracks all over the world. Now, we have combined this history of product quality and racing success into the intelligent hotrodders efficient suspension system…
the RideTech StreetGRIP!

Recently, we were lucky enough to receive the following feedback from customer Allen Teetz about his experience with the StreetGRIP installation on his Nova.
I honestly don’t know where to start on my thoughts on this incredible product you have developed.  I have seen many of your fine products at shows and in action throughout he years, and I know you produce some very high-quality products.  Now I know firsthand just how good your product is.
I have owned my Nova since 1980 and have enjoyed it immensely,  It is indeed a part of our family.  Through the years, I will admit I have taken it for granted and have not given it the attention it deserved to keep it in tip-top shape.  Now, thanks to you, we will me able to enjoy it even more and I have a renewed interest in doing other upgrades to it.
I have put a little over 100 miles on it so far and I knew within the first mile that I had made the right decision to have this done.  What you have put together for the average guy that just goes to a Friday night cruise-in or a Sunday drive is absolutely incredible.  Not to mention if I want to throw it around the autocross at a GoodGuys event, I will only be embarrassed by my driving abilities and not my car.
The handling, ride quality, and safety of my car with the installation of this kit is beyond belief.  I really can not believe what I have been missing out on all these years.  It is indeed just a pleasure to drive.  Rest assured you will receive plenty of recommendations from me to all of my friends and anyone else who will listen that this is the way to go to update their vehicle.
One other item I wanted to share: A lifelong friend of mine who is a 30+ year ASE Master Technician for GM has been kept in the loop on the progress of my car.  He had the opportunity to do a walk-around inspection of the installation and then took it for about a 45-minute test drive.  He parked it, turned it off, looked at me, and said, “I am VERY impressed by this car.”.  You have to understand, he is very hard to please considering all the vehicles he has built, driven, and worked on through the years.
Best Regards,
Allen Teetz