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This week we bring you four more films to delight and horrify you, more info below.

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You’ll also get the chance to watch Full Moon‘s brand new sex romp VIRGIN HUNTERS 2, the sequel to the classic ’80s Morgan Fairchild original which premiers exclusively on FullMoonStreaming October 7th!  Dive in HERE with a sneak preview of the new Charles Band Vidcast on set of the photoshoot for this cover art. 

Mega Scorpions are coming for you! In a small U.S. town, toxic waste has been illegally dumped for years, causing the local scorpion population to grow into six-foot-long killers as a result. A young girl named Joey witnesses the death of fellow teenager Eric by a giant scorpion, but no one believes her. As more local residents are killed by the scorpions, a group of teenage parolees becomes trapped in a halfway house as they try to fight off the infestation.
From Something Wierd Video, The Acid Eaters shows a group of middle class ‘paisley-collar’ working stiffs hop on their choppers and head for The Lake — where there’s nude body-painting leading to a catfight which turns into a knife fight until one girl disappears into quicksand, flipping everyone the bird on her way down.
From Blue Underground, Succubus features Janine Reynaud stars as a nightclub stripper who free-floats through a spectral 60’s landscape littered with dream-figures, dancing little people and bizarre S&M games.
David Del Valle presents episode 9 of Haunted Hollywood: The Giant Leeches. Honey eyed Yvette Vickers was the toast of the town back in 1957 when her two most famous cult movies were made, “Attack of the 50 Woman” and “The Giant Leeches”. Sadly Yvette will be remembered for her spectacularly macabre exit from Hollywood’s Babylon by literally being mummified by a space heater left running in the bedroom where Yvette died of heart failure.  Yvette Vickers body was not discovered for over a year. Watch her struggle in a cave of horror surrounded by guys in giant leech suits as her blood is sucked away.