Notaspringchick with Oldecam for Newsvideoweb with comments on the headlines of today.

It’s all over for republicans.

Obama blames the republicans for the false poll numbers he is getting

OBAMA: My Highway Plan Is ‘Not Crazy, It’s Not Socialism, It’s Not The Imperial Presidency’

Roberts Court rules against American workers

Fish-Eating Spiders Lurk on Every Continent Except Antarctica

President Obama Criticizes Immigration Child Law

Lawmakers square off over Obama’s Iraq policy

The Supreme Court has already expanded Hobby Lobby decision

Ferry survivors return to school amid tears, grief

Four dead as India train derails, sabotage suspected

NATO to discuss Iraq crisis as US advisers fly into Baghdad

Democrats always vote for the people and republicans always vote the party line

Senate Race Conference Call Spins Into Complete Disaster After Questioner Asks About ‘Harvesting Black Votes’

Sotomayor: Affirmative action options don’t work

Influx of immigrants concerns taxes the local governments sounding the alarm for immigration reform.

Should Colleges Admit Students Based on Race? Why Justice Sonia Sotomayor Still Thinks So

Feds booed in Calif. city after migrant standoff

Fukushima operator restarts water decontamination system

Where is India’s boom?

What American Dream? One-Fourth of People Now Live in High-Poverty Neighborhoods

VA challenged on handling of whistleblower charges

Obama warns Putin of new ‘costs’ for Russian stance on Ukraine

California lawmakers pass bill to update currency law, aid Bitcoin users

Another body recovered from sunken South Korean ferry

Kerry hands dire warning to Iraqis over future

The president recently announced that he’s planning to add nearly 700,000 miles to a marine reserve in the Pacific

New York mayor plans to spread liberal agenda across US

White House Creates New Honeybee Task Force

EU to ban imports from annexed Crimea

John Boehner Is Getting Ready To Mount A Potentially Gigantic Lawsuit Against Obama

US home price growth brakes in April

Scarborough Savages NYT For Burying IRS Email Scandal: ‘This Is A Scam!’

Microsoft Knocks Out 4 Million Websites in Malware Hunt

Design issues may delay California driver’s licenses for undocumented migrants

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoes gun legislation

More Central American migrants sent to California despite backlash

Montebubblism from the Mark Twain of the animal kingdom

The law is the law is the law unless you’re a democrat then you just ignore it

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