Personalogy, named Amazon’s Best Selling Top 100 card games of 2015. Perfect stocking stuffer or “holiday gift $20 or under,” just in time for the holidays.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Personalogy™, the LOL personal Trivial Pursuit-esqe card game instantly gets people mingling, talking, laughing and having fun! A “Party in a Box”, the perfect gift that guarantees to reduce stress. It quickly turns awkward social moments into hilarious fun, and lightens the mood. Personalogy™ creators are presenting to the press their party and family editions at the Consumer Product Events “Left Coast Holiday” September 14, 2016, 2 to 7 pm at the JW Marriott, Le Merigot.

Personalogy, solves the four common awkward holiday moments: Holiday Parties, First Date Jitters, Holiday Family Dinners or Singles looking for Love. The game helps overcome nerves by instantly connecting players. The multiple choice entertaining card game asks cheeky and thought-provoking questions. Players predict their opponent’s answer and why revealing player’s true nature, igniting unusually fun conversation. Years of playtesting showed it’s a social connector and relationship builder.

“The holiday season can be a stressful time with all too familiar challenges, whether it’s the drama filled family dinner, the shy guy hanging out at the food table at a friend’s cocktail party, frenemies or introverts at the company holiday party, or disillusioned singles looking for love” says Michelle Burke, Communication expert and Author. “According to, stress levels are ratcheted up during holiday time, by a number of factors: lack of money, shopping decisions and deadlines, parties, strained family relations, pressures to please family and friends and have “the perfect” holiday. Personalogy™ game quickly puts everyone at ease in a fun, and surprising way, and makes for a perfect new holiday tradition,” added Co-creator Lilamani de Silva.

The hilarious engaging game received rave reviews. “Move over Cards Against Humanity, There’s a new game in town,” An Amazon review reads “We had often played cards against humanity, and while the game is hilarious, it is often offensive and rude. Personalogy was like a breath of fresh air. The questions were fun, light-hearted and kept you thinking as we sat around drinking wine and laughing.”

Interact Games LLC is founded on the belief great conversations = great relationships. Entrepreneurial duo, Michelle Burke, Communication Expert and Author from Los Angeles, and Lilamani de Silva, Co-creator, from London met in Seattle 15 years ago. Michelle developed TeamBuilder™ games and piloted at a Microsoft conference, received feedback that people wanted to play the game at home. After partnering with Lilamani, they recognized a bigger need and developed Personalogy™ Games for the consumer market. Ernst & Young, Stanford University and Boeing Leadership Center have used TeamBuilder™. Michelle’s articles appeared in HR, CLO Magazines and Huffington Post. Personalogy™, Party and Family games available on Amazon – retails for $20. For more information; and