Launch at DSEI show on booth S4-152 in the UK Pavilion
at ExCel, London: 15-18 September 2015

Newport, Isle of Wight, UK – 15 September 2015 – RFEL announces the release of a new video management solution for Video-over-Internet-Protocol (Video-over-IP) systems, and with it, the launch of a family of similar devices.  These are designed to provide highly optimised distribution and processing solutions for the management of low latency video data from one or more sensors to the type of Video-over-IP displays and compute nodes that are now commonplace in modern vehicle and airborne mission equipment systems.  It will be launched at the DSEI show on booth S4-152 in the UK Pavilion at ExCel, London on 15-18 September 2015.

The first product of the line, FlexNet-2, is a Mil-spec, optimised video processing sub-system, powered by RFEL’s HALO™ architecture and realised from the tried-and-tested hardware and embedded IP of the wider HALO video processing eco-system.  The unit is packaged in a rugged, waterproof small-form-factor (SFF) housing and is ready to be mounted straight into any system that needs efficient video management solutions.

Functionally, the device accepts up to four analogue input video channels.  It offers multiple options to map input video to Ethernet output, offering extreme low latency, compression and overlay options for symbols, text and graphics.

RFEL’s FlexNet-2

Wayne Cranwell, RFEL’s Business Development Manager for Video Processing, said, “Today’s tight platform upgrade cycles are driving system integrators’ timescales and pushing them to search for off-the-shelf solutions to deployment problems such as quickly gluing legacy sensor video sources to modern video demand IP networks or consolidating interfacing adaption, media conversion and compression in one SWAP, qualified unit. Turret system developers know all too well the headaches of passing data from rotating housings into the platform chassis; fibre offers a neat solution and is also much lighter and efficient to structure a space-constrained network with. Offering optical fibre support in our first FlexNet product is a direct message to those developers that this product will be ready to go without integration hassle.”

The product is a small size, but utilises standard Mil-Spec circular connectors that is easily integrated with standard cabling.  With a power consumption of approximately 8 Watts and a wide operating temperature and power supply range, the device is ideal in a space-constrained vehicle or airborne application.

RFEL has a roadmap to expand the FlexNet™ line further.  A smaller, flexible, single channel high definition Video-over-IP adapter, with similar gigabit Ethernet connectivity and multiple protocol options is planned for release before the end of year 2015. 

Further data, pricing and product demonstrations are available from RFEL now.


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