Sengled, world leader of intelligent lighting products that integrate consumer electronics inside energy efficient LED light bulbs, today announced that they will demonstrate a portfolio of innovative products at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Among them, Innovation Award Honoree in the Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies category, Sengled Element, and Smart Home category Innovation Award Honoree, Pulse Link. The company will showcase the two Innovation Award Honorees, among other new products, throughout their experiential connected home located in Sands Expo #41336 January 5-8, 2017.

Element offers minimalist yet modern design to seamlessly integrate into consumers’ existing light sockets to best compliment their lifestyle. Element provides the energy savings of an LED with more advanced features like customizable scheduling, color temperature tuning (soft white 2700K to daylight 6500K) and energy tracking. Consumers can control bulbs individually or as groups, schedule the lights to turn on when arriving home from work or turn off during daylight hours for increased savings. Element uses 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, offers a 60W output equivalent while using only 9.8W and is rated to last approximately 22 years. Features are easily controlled through the iOS/Android app or through popular smart home ecosystem integrations such as Xfinity Home from Comcast, AT&T Digital Life, Samsung SmartThings, Stringify and many more to follow for ultimate customer convenience.

Sengled Element goes beyond the concept of smart lighting by directly connecting the benefit of the LED bulb to the environment with the latest One Bulb One Tree campaign. For each Element sold, Sengled promises to plant a tree to offset the bulb’s (already small) carbon footprint, delivering the world’s first carbon neutral light bulb. Element also puts smart home capabilities within reach of the average family, coming to market at lower cost than competitors.

“Our One Bulb One Tree campaign is a commitment to the environment and to our customers,” says Alex Ruan, General Manager of Sengled North America. “We promise to deliver carbon-neutral lighting and best-in-class technologies that improve the lives of everyday people. We look forward to demonstrating how Element, among many other products for entertainment and security, can fit seamlessly and affordably inside the modern smart home at CES 2017.”

Pulse Link is an evolution of Sengled’s flagship JBL Bluetooth speaker product, Pulse, as an adapter that connects to your TV or receiver to distribute audio wirelessly to your Pulse bulbs. Consumers can enjoy quality JBL stereo and left/right audio through Pulse bulbs seamlessly hidden in recessed canned lights over the TV or beyond the viewing area in standard light fixtures for a more immersive experience.

New security products Smartsense and Everbright, along with lifestyle products Twilight, Mood and Paint, will also be available for demonstration at CES. Smartsense is a light bulb with built-in motion sensor, offering 90 seconds of light when motion is detected. Everbright offers 3 hours of additional light through an internal back-up battery in the event of a power outage, ideal for emergency protection. Similar to courtesy lights in car cabins, Twilight is the first in-home light bulb with 15 second delayed shutoff to allow the user to exit a room without bumping into anything. Mood offers a similar feature, shifting from cool white (5000K) to warm white (2700K) within the same bulb to better fit individual lifestyles. By popular demand, Paint will join the portfolio as Sengled’s first RBG color changing bulb.

Sengled is honored to receive CES Innovation Award Honoree recognition for two of its newest products striving to improve how consumers experience smart home technologies in 2017. Products are currently available online and in a variety of retail locations nationwide.

About Sengled
Sengled is a global innovator in LED lighting, pioneering research and development that brings bright new ideas to smart lighting. By integrating consumer electronics with energy saving LED bulbs, Sengled provides consumers with app controlled, intuitive, eco-friendly products that bring smart home capabilities to every room, enhancing the connected home with technology for entertainment, connectivity and security. For more information please visit


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