Fred Lauret’s massage zen

Call anyone for a massage, but for an experience with yourself call Fred. I was referred to Fred as he was a great masseuse. Little did I know, I was in for more than a treat. My friend that referred me, was truly giving me a gift.

“What I do is just connect you inside with you outside…what I do is to remind to your soul what is yours….and when you know what is yours you take care of it” shares Fred with his French Polynesian accent as he explains his unique philosophy.

Curious, I asked more questions. His insight was totally unexpected. Usually when you want or feel you need a massage it’s simply an indulgence, you need to relax or have tight muscles and tension. He had arrived with his massage table with the calm confidence of a master guru.


It was Fred’s Grandmother who past on the insight and wisdom to him but he will admit, “The gift is free…The gift comes from health. The gift comes from everything around you. The gift is inside you… All we do is open up the packet. The gift is already inside you…. I use massage. I learn every time.”

Learn? Before we started the massage he asked me about where my aches and pains were and what injuries I have had in the past. I hadn’t thought about it before, but it was these areas were my chi was not flowing as well and thus inhibiting a well tuned body, health and general well being and even repeated injuries.

“A chiropractor will move your body to restore the balance…If your body is the building of your soul with the map of your mom and daddy and all these emotion build what you are…now if we use the body, the emotion of the body we give it, we build the soul, we give something back to the soul.”

Fred Lauret’s French Polynesia

Bringing a bit of French Polynesia with him from his presence to his custom created massage oil that moisturized and made your skin baby soft. My mind trails off to the warmth of the sun, an outdoor massage and scents of Polynesia. Afterwards I felt lighter, no longer weighted down by the world. My mind had shifted too.

“To help somebody you have to start to help you, and when you start to help you, you can start to help people, when you start to help people you feel better so you start to help you better so you can help better the people…but always it’s like breathing, in (pause), out  (pause)” he said with a cheshire smile as if this was the secret of life. Genesis.

Similar to breathing, in our life if we are only giving (breathing out) and not receiving (breathing in), we will exhaust ourselves unless there’s a balanced exchange. Ahhh, the zen of life and a gift.

Earlier this morning, we experienced a Super Blue Blood Moon, the second full moon in a month with a total lunar eclipse. It is so rare the last one was seen 150 years ago in 1866. Fortunately, to experience a spiritual massage with Fred, it can be much more frequent than a blue moon.

Going back to Genesis with Fred.

You can find Fred on Facebook at Fred Lelotusmassage. I met Fred in Los Angeles, but as a spiritual masseuse he travels the world helping people. Just ask, you never know where he might be.