Stand up to Cancer live broadcast audience viewpoint

Broadcast live on the major networks, Stand up to Cancer’s televised reach was the entire world.

Stand up to Cancer was created by insiders for insiders to be shown to the entire world. If you think we’re talking about entertainment producing for entertainment insiders, the answer is no. It was produced by entertainment family members who have lost family or that have family members with cancer showing the entire world they are just like you when it comes to cancer.

Like you they don’t have the answers and are searching for the answers. In their search for the answers they turn to the same people you turn to, but they have an advantage over you, they can seek the answers on a global wide system and in their search, everyone benefits.

We’ve included pictures of the non-serious side of the show, as the serious side you don’t take pictures of the event. They did ask the audience before the show started not to take pictures of the event. As in the case of Pierce Bronson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Couric they are opening their hearts as they are the survivors of families that have lost dear ones to cancer. What they are putting on the screen would simply not be appropriate for individual pictures.

Our pictures include pre-events, waiting for the show to start and the after-party. We sincerely hope the pictures will give you the feeling of what it was like before and after the show. Yes, people in the industry are all human and if they have a toy, otherwise known as a smartphone with a camera, they will play with it. Every picture taken was a cell phone picture. You question how cell phone pictures can look so professionally taken, look no further than all the work done for selfies or pictures of themselves.

John Savage, Blanca Blanco, Joyce Chow and Prince Wilhelm were the culprits in the selfie pictures. We were all taking pictures of each other and taking pictures of us taking pictures. It is totally true that the difference between a grown up and a child are the toys that they play with. These are the lighter moments of a serious topic with life changing results.

Those in the pictures have had family members that have suffered or have lost members through cancer. What do you do when surrounded by others also affected? You know what it’s like but don’t have the capabilities to talk dry eyed on stage about an emotional subject, the actors world allows them to mask their true feelings from the rest of the world.

Will you Stand Up to Cancer?

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