Toronta, Canada – April 29, 2015 – Suba Games would like to announce major changes within the FPS Mission Against Terror . The updates will begin at 6PM PST April 29, 2015. Below are some of the updates players can begin to enjoy today within this social and user friendly FPS title.

New Weapon Features
The addition of the first of several transforming weapons, adds a new tactical element, providing users with a sniper rifle for stealthy kills that morphs into an assault weapon for providing cover fire or taking on multiple opponents at the same time.

Redesigned User Interface
The redesigned User Interface is sleek and smooth with an exotic jungle layout, with many other designs set to follow such as the frozen winter wonderland, an adventure inspired pirate map, outer space and more! We let you choose how you want your game experience to look, with a broad assortment of colorful, eye catching themes not seen in other, dark, militaristic FPS titles.

Lowered Pricing
Taking feedback from our loyal community, both male and female players, we have slashed our prices and rolled out extensive changes to our item shop, including providing users with many free, premium weapons obtainable in our fun PvE game modes as well as for purchase.

Vehicle Combat
The addition of vehicles further expands MAT into a social gaming hub, not just a one-track experience. Jump into your very own sports car and join a thrilling race across our Desert City map as bullets and rockets whiz past you.

Marriage System and Chatrooms
If you feel the need to socialize, take advantage of our free marriage system. Find a mate to compete with, or maybe even a real partner as some of our players who already met the love of their life in MAT and have gone to have long, successful relationships. Head with your lover into our Garden Sanctuary and complete our parkour tree climbing challenge for a balloon ride at the top, or defeat the minions of the Snake King in his tomb if you feel the need for more adventure.

With the loyal MAT community behind it, MAT Legacy is shaping up to be a social gaming experience where strangers become friends, lovers become mates, and our growing collection of assorted game modes means that you won’t always be stuck playing the same thing.

The anticipation is now over and players can join the war by visiting the official website at Players can also get the latest news and updates regarding Mission Against Terror by Liking us on Facebook at

About Mission Against Terror
MAT is a uniquely social First Person Shooter, with about 40% of the players being female. It mixes traditional FPS elements such as PvP with PvE, a marriage system, lover’s only missions, wildly customizable characters that range from serious swat commandos to people dressed up in dinosaur suits while wearing butterfly wings and a pacifier. It offers users interactive chatrooms, including one with a tree climbing challenge, among others. Being Free To Play allows anyone to join, and with over 60 free items and weapons to choose from, you are not forced to pay if you don’t want to.

About Suba Games
Suba Games is a pioneer in North America for the Item Selling (micro-transaction) business model, thus giving our users complete access to all of our games for free , with the option to expand their gaming experience by purchasing game enhancements (virtual items) such as avatar customizations and pets.

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