Chase McNary, “The Bachelorette” Season 12 hosts TCL’s Final Rose Viewing Party at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on March 13, 2017.

In anticipation of “The Bachelor” Season 21 final rose with Nick Viall with Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates, TCL hosted an invite-only Final Rose Viewing Party with Chase McNary from Season 12 of “The Bachelorette”.

TCL showcased their latest 4K TCL Roku Tvs for it’s intimate party. On the Tv monitor was a crisp clear image that is better than what you could naturally see if you were physically in Finland with Nick, Vanessa and Raven. The images of the final rose and engagement rings from Nick to Vanessa were from the 4K TCL Roku Tv shot with an iPhone 7 plus cell phone. The other images were shot with a Sony RX100V camera.

TCL’s “The Bachelor” Final Rose Viewing Party hosted by Chase McNary at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on March 13, 2017.

Chase McNary, was almost “The Bachelor” instead of Nick Viall, but just like they keep viewers hanging, he found out it was Nick with everyone else watching “After Paradise” that they were hedging their bachelor bets too.

Chase viewed the season finale with us and gave us insight into being on “The Bachelorette” season 12 with JoJo Fletcher.