Serving Those Who Served Us Best
Mission Statement

MAC, The Military Appreciation Channel’s mission is to create a dedicated platform for shows that reflect the interests and concerns of one of the greatest (and largest) segments of our population (Active and Retired Military and their Families). The vision of this channel is to provide a voice for the many military service organizations, support groups and non profits that serve active duty, retired military and their families through a nationally accessible radio/TV platform and at no cost to the service organizations. MAC is about patriotism and not about politics and is designed to serve those who have served us best, the MIlitary and the First Responders of our Country.
We are proud to launch this network with a show from EACH one of our 50 States plus dozens of shows from the participating military groups. Our thanks to everyone who has made this vision a reality!

Charlie Daniels
on patriotism

Nancy Sinatra
Her Boots Walk
for Rolling Thunder

Willie Nelson

Lynn Anderson

Toby Keith

Carrie Underwood

Robin Williams

It is patriotism not politics that leads us to celebrate and support the military and their families,active and retired in the Military Appreciation Channel. All of the people listed on this page support our military and these and many more will be invited to share their voices WITH our military on MAC…the Military Appreciation Channel brought to you by Radioactive Broadcasting in partnership with Light Entertainment Broadcasting.

Radioactive Broadcasting in conjunction with Light Entertainment Broadcasting is proud to introduce our new Military Channel.MAC, the Military Appreciation Channel, is the umbrella for all our Military Shows and topics, These include everything from Military Childrens Collaborative Group,Operation Homefront, Operation Firing for Effect,Combat Veterans for Congress, Gold Star Moms, Military Life (Spouses and kids of active duty), Wounded Warriors,Brain Injured Veterans Association, Special Operations For America, Operation Rolling Thunder, Operation Finally Home, Iraq Star, USO, Iraq and Afganistan Veterans of America and the Phoenix Society (to name just a few). The shows are broadcast both live and on demand through Sticher,iTunes and Tune in.

Hosting the Military Appreciation Channel Flagship Show THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE is Singer (Sha Na Na) Actor and Musician Jocko Marcellino. Long time supporter of the military Jocko’s “Thank You For Your Service” has now been released.

Fred Thompson
A Tribute to our soldiers

Little Anthony

JR Martinez

Wayne Newton

Gary Sinise

Clint Black

Bruce Willis

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