The democrats have decided all in and are going to run to the left of the entire nation. Higher taxes, punish business, and taking down at least 5 amendments they do not approve of. All a losing strategy unless they know something most of America doesn’t know.

Today HRC at an all time low in the polls and Obama right on her heels.

GOP backing off dump Trump because of his polling at the moment as a result.

Record gun sales started the moment Obama and his party started in their typical can’t wait for the bodies to get cold before we demand gun control talking points come out.

The more you tell people what we are going to do to you and not what your going to do to those that would kill you the more likely they are not going to support you.

Other then the extreme left no one was happy with what the democrats are doing.

The pundits for the party predicted that if another terrorist attack happened before the conventions it was a gimme the GOP would win it all.

So instead of going on the offense against those that would kill us the democrats decided to double down on gun control. 6 killed and over 70 wounded in Chicago the gun control capital of the world this weekend. None with a AK47.

Heard a very left reporter put it simply that if you can’t stop the killing in your own backyard why should anyone believe what your selling will work period.

People want to kick ass not be told they are responsible for what happened by the president and they need to be punished for it not that bad guys whom they even refuse to name.