TITAN American Built continues its mission of bringing jobs back to America and enlightening High School students to the true potential of a career in manufacturing. Episode 6 first finds Titan and his TV crew back in Wisconsin visiting Cardinal Manufacturing, one of the nation’s premier Progressive High School Manufacturing Plants. Next up is the massive 3 million square feet Mercury Marine plant in Font du Lac, WI, where 40 million pounds of raw molten metal are formed by American hands to produce superior high performance boat and racing engines each year. Titan and the students watch as raw material is melted down, casted and machined into a finished premier end use product. Viewers will see first-hand that we as a nation can compete globally by investing in full scale automation and our American workforce.

Finally, Titan visits the infamous San Quentin Prison in Northern California to speak to the inmates and persuade the authorities to initiate a high tech CNC machining program within the prison walls. Titan shares his story with the inmates about his own prison term and how on his return to freedom he succeeded in rebuilding his life and most importantly – if he could do it – so could they.

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