Turns on/off Hard to Reach Lights & Appliances

Provides Assistance for the Mobility Impaired

100 Foot Range Works through Doors, Floors & Walls

Easy to Use, Pre-Programmed for Immediate Use

Comes with 5 Outlets & 2 Remotes

Compact Size – When Plugged in Top Outlet, Bottom Outlet Remains Free for Other Uses

Energy Efficient, Saves Money – No Energy Vampire Drain

Press Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/tudia/tudiacousrelease.html

Video: https://youtu.be/UTKDqY77TOQ

St. Paul, MN, September 13, 2016 – Aplars, the leading e-commerce store for electronic products and smartphone accessories, announced today that it is now shipping the TUDIA Cous Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet http://tudiaproducts.com/Cous/, an inexpensive way to control all your lights, household appliances, and power strips without the need for expensive IoT (Internet of Things) smartphone devices. TUDIA Cous turns on and off lights and appliances, wirelessly communicating to its outlet plugs from as far as 100 feet — even through closed doors, floors, and walls. Made for use with all hard to reach lights and appliances and essential gear for the mobility impaired, Cous comes with 5 outlet plugs and 2 remotes (additional outlet plugs and remotes are available). The Cous outlet plug features a compact size that covers only one wall outlet when plugged into the top outlet, freeing up the lower outlet for other uses (unlike competitors that cover 2 outlets at once).

Pre-Programmed, Easy to Use & Energy Efficient – Saves Up to 10% Monthly on Energy Bills by Turning Off Appliances When Not in Use

TUDIA Cous is extremely easy to use: simply plug in one of the 5 small outlet plugs into a regular wall outlet to turn appliances and lights on and off with the included 2 pre-programmed remote controls. Each remote can control up to 5 devices easily whether your appliance is missing a built-in on/off switch or is simply in a hard to reach place — Cous makes it easy to take control over your outlets. Cous also adds an eco-friendly advantage to your home by cutting back on energy vampire drain caused by keeping cable boxes, blenders, toasters, microwaves, TVs, etc. plugged in, saving up to 10% monthly on energy bills while also helping the environment. Leaving lights and appliances turned on all the time also makes your electronics wear out faster — with Cous, the life of your appliances can also be extended by 15%!

TUDIA Cous Features:
• Easy installation: simply plug in to turn appliances on and off with remote control.
• Remote signal communicates to outlet plug through closed doors, floors, and walls from as far away as 100 feet.
• Provides assistance for the mobility impaired.
• Turns on/off hard to reach lights and appliances.
• Single remote can control multiple devices or multiple remotes can control a single device.
• Turning off appliances when not in use saves up to 10% in monthly energy bills and helps devices last up to 15% longer.
• Low cost: only $34.74 for 5 plugs and 2 remotes.

• Power input: 120V/60Hz
• Power output: 1200W/10A (max)
• Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz
• Remote transmitter batter: DC 12V(23A) 1pc
• Power consumption: 0.6w

Cous Package Includes:
o 5 Cous outlet receivers
o 2 Remote Control transmitters
o 2 – 12 volt batteries
o User manual

Pricing & Availability
For more information, see the website: http://tudiaproducts.com/Cous/. The TUDIA Cous is available immediately priced at $34.74 through Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/TUDIA-Charging-Protector-Lightning-charging/dp/B0106V7IES. The TUDIA Cous ships with 5 outlets, 2 remotes, 2 – 12 volt batteries, and instruction manual. For more information, see the TUDIA website: http://tudiaproducts.com/Cous/, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tudiaproducts, Video: https://youtu.be/UTKDqY77TOQ Twitter: @TudiaProducts.

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