(Los Angeles) August 23, 2019 – Attendees of the massive Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo (WFHE) will spot something new on their way into the show this year: a visual display dedicated to spreading news about racial diversity among the restaurant workforce – and notably, among California’s restaurant owners. 

The 2019 WFHE is being held from Sunday, August 25th through Tuesday, August 27th at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where thousands of business owners and their staff members will be able to check out the latest in food and beverage trends, along with a long list of educational seminars and special events.
The California Restaurant Association is presenting the display, which consists of two large, printed boards that share data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey:

  • Among waitstaff (front-of-house restaurant workers): statewide in California, nearly 64 percent are people of color. That number includes workers who are Hispanic, African-American or Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American, and multi-racial.
  • Among chefs, a senior role in restaurants, more than 80 percent are people of color. That includes the same demographics listed above.
  • Among managers, nearly 70 percent are people of color. That number includes the same demographics listed above.
  • Most notably, 60% of California restaurants are owned by people of color, as compared to 45% of all California private-sector businesses. This figure references owners who are Hispanic; Asian/Pacific Islander; and African-American or Black.

“It’s hard to overstate how proud we are to share these facts,” said California Restaurant Association President and CEO, Jot Condie. “Restaurant managers know that their workplaces are diverse, but it’s eye-opening to see the overall, statewide data. What it tells us is that these businesses aren’t hiring minorities just so they can check off a box on an HR form – they are actively promoting minorities and women to leadership roles and also helping open pathways to entrepreneurship. It’s really how every industry should work.” 

The display at WFHE marks the kickoff of the ‘We are Diverse’ campaign, which will be highlighted at future restaurant industry events, on social media, and at restaurants statewide who wish to display a special sticker in support of diversity. 

For more news about California restaurants, businesses and consumers alike are invited to visit www.DineOutCA.com, which now includes a handy dining guide for WFHE attendees. For more information about this release, contact the CRA’s Sharokina Shams at 916-835-3055 or sshams@calrest.org